A Challenge for the new age

Modernisation, communications and innovation are now a reality and an integrated part of our everyday life at the office of the FCI. In response to the many solicitations that reach us daily from every part of the globe, we supply information and try to provide the best possible services to our member countries and to the world of organised dog-related activities.

In fact we continuously strive for excellence.

Suddenly the world has gone global in many respects and all of us feel the need to be in full and immediate contact at all moments. Consequently, the need to communicate within the major areas of our activities has increased and so have the demands for immediate responses. For this reason also, the requests that are forwarded to our Organisation at management level have increased tremendously and almost instantly.

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Carla Molinari
Treasurer of the FCI
Hunting dogs CACT held in Ukraine (April 2013)

Recent campaigns on social media platforms and in media regarding a CACT competition held in Ukraine have again brought into light the question of cruelty towards animals.

A national CACT trial (national hunting trial, under local regulations) on boar and bear organised by a Ukrainian breed club for laikas in April unleashed a huge reaction from animal welfare organisations. Together with the main sponsor of the event, the FCI was directly questioned about this event.

The FCI firmly restates its position against any cruelty towards animals: http://www.fci.be/OfficialStatments/CrueltyToDogs.aspx

The FCI firmly restates its mission statement and values:

The FCI is responsible for safeguarding canine health and international dog activities to enhance the relations between dogs and humans.

  • THE FCI cares about all dogs worldwide.
  • THE FCI considers the health, temperament and behaviour as the most important matters in dogs and their Breed Standards.
  • THE FCI promotes dog activities and dog sports worldwide, which it considers beneficial to the dogs.

Further to our investigation with our member in Ukraine (UKU, the Ukrainian Kennel Union), a decision has been taken by the UKU: http://uku.com.ua/oficial_inform/prikazy/2013/19/index.html

Ukrainian NGO
“Ukrainian Kennel Union”
Order № 19

24/07/2013 Kiev
Regarding bear baiting contests suspension
Based on the letter №17 dated 23/07/2013 of International Kennel Federation and till the final decision of Presidium of UKU regarding holding the hunting husky dog’s competitions on the bear I ORDER:

  1. STARTING FROM 24/07/2013 suspend holding trials and contests of rang CACT and CACIT of hunting dogs on the bear in the system of all- Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Kennel Union” on the territory of Ukraine.
  2. Usyuk T.S, executive assistant to bring this order to attention of Chairman of the Board of the UKU centers, UKU members and other interested persons on the official site of UKU.
  3. Implementation of this order is to be performed by the Vice- president of KUU- Chvanko O.A
    President of all- Ukrainian NGO

Hoping to have clarified the FCI’s position in this unfortunate situation.

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President